Tuff Top Cover


The Tuffest Spa on the market just got Tuffer! This new and exclusive cover design holds over 500 pounds and never needs to be replaced, saving you hundreds! The cover makes your Tuff Spa, even more, energy efficient and has the same Lifetime Warranty as the shell of the spa!


  • No maintenance
  • Never buy another cover
  • Cover turns into a shelf/bar
  • Holds over 500 lbs. of weight
  • Can be opened/closed by one person
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • No more rotting, smelling, or sagging covers
  • Available for the TT150, TT250, TT450 and TT650


Colored Stone


Finally a colored stone panel with a realistic finish! Our NEW colored stone offers a multicolor stack stone panel that is sure to enhance any backyard. Ask your local Tuff Spa dealer for details.


Blue sTUFF


Tuff Spas are made with Blue sTUFF Insulation which is made from thermally bonded recycled denim. This Natural Fiber Spa Insulation contains no fiberglass and does not cause itching or skin irritation.


• Excellent Noise Absorption • Sustainable Product
• Strong Thermal Protection • No Itch Or Skin Irritation
• Resists Microbial Growth


Side Access Panels


ts16All models come with large access panels on each side of the spa which allows for easy access to the spa’s equipment; including the pump, heater, plumbing, jets, control panel, electrical hook-up, light, and drain. This makes any maintenance on the spa simple and easy.


Built-in Steps


The TS550 offers a completely unique, industry-changing “free-form Zen” design and is the only spa on the market offering built-in steps for easy access in and out of the spa. Tuff Spas truly is revolutionizing the spa industry!


Solid One-Piece Bottom


ts15Tuff Spas feature a solid one-piece bottom, which allows you to place your spa on ANY flat, level surface. There is no need to spend extra money having a pad poured for your Tuff Spa. Please see the Installation page for more information on Site Preparation & Delivery.


LED Lighting


ts12A multi-colored LED light is included with all Tuff Spa Models to enhance the water’s appearance and create a soothing ambiance for a more enjoyable spa experience. There are multiple color options allow you to fit your light with your mood.


Plug-In Ready


Wts13hile most spas require expensive electrical wiring, all Tuff Spas come ready to plug into a standard outlet. This can save you thousands of dollars in electrical costs. Just fill your Tuff Spa and plug it in, it’s that simple!




leaf01Built for the planet, built for a lifetime!


leaf01All waste and trim pieces are recycled and reused.

leaf01Lifetime    warranty on shell that will not end up in a landfill.

leaf01No volatile organic compounds like other spas.

leaf01No Resin blown in manufacturing like other spas.

leaf01Fewer emissions in manufacturing than other spas.

leaf01One piece, heat-retaining shell improves energy efficiency.

leaf01Hard-top cover with industrial gasket seals the cover to the shell, preventing heat loss.

leaf01Two speed pumps filter and heat on low speed drawing minimal amps.

leaf01110V and 220V options offer far less amp draw and electrical usage than most spas

leaf01Made using natural gas, which is the cleanest burning fuel.

leaf01Material is recyclable.

leaf01No Fiberglass blown, unlike other spas. 

leaf01No Urethane blown, unlike other spas.